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ACT Genomics, AstraZeneca enter Collaboration for BRCA Testing in Singapore and Taiwan

ACT Genomics is an integrated cancer molecular information company that provides comprehensive NGS-based genomic profiling and a proprietary pathway-based data approach to optimizing clinical treatment decisions and assists biomarker exploration to oncology-focused biopharma developing targeted therapies and immune-checkpoint inhibitors more effectively.

ACT Genomics is honored to collaborate with AstraZeneca Singapore for both somatic and germline genetic testing of BRCA in patients with ovarian cancer, using the advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. International guidelines such as those from ESMO, ASCO and NCCN recommend BRCA testing, which will provide patients and doctors with important information on disease prognosis and may improve treatment decisions. Meanwhile, ACT Genomics' ACTBRCAâ„¢ testing is selected to serve the phase III trial sponsored by AstraZeneca Taiwan on germline BRCA testing of patients with HER2 negative metastatic breast cancer. Under the service agreement, ACT Genomics will provide the testing through its CAP-certified NGS laboratory in Taiwan.

Founded in 2014, ACT Genomics is one of the fastest-growing players in the precision medicine industry. It has established branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan and accumulated thousands of clinical samples from patients across all types of cancer. In 2018, ACT Genomics aims to establish two NGS laboratories in Hong Kong and Japan to meet the significant adoption of precision cancer medicine and help oncologists to implement our clinical services.