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B-MoGen Biotechnologies and CytoSen Therapeutics partner on research collaboration to develop next generation Natural Killer Cells for human therapeutics

B-MoGen Biotechnologies, Inc. and CytoSen Therapeutics announced today a research collaboration to develop the next generation of gene-modified Natural Killer Cell (NK) therapies.  B-MoGen will utilize its expertise in genetic design and its patented non-viral gene delivery platform in conjunction with CytoSen's nanoparticle expansion platform to improve efficacy and reduce cost of NK cell therapeutics. 

"We are very excited and look forward to teaming up with CytoSen to utilize our scientific expertise and engineering work with CARs and TCRs to help develop NK treatments in the human therapeutics space," said Jeff Liter, President and CEO of B-MoGen.  "CytoSen's innovation, science and pioneering technology is a perfect fit with B-MoGen's genome engineering experience and technology."

CytoSen's CEO Dr. Trent Carrier stated, "I am thrilled to see the leveraging of the combined technologies and scientific proficiency of CytoSen and B-MoGen to produce ever more effective NK cell therapeutics. These next generation enhanced NK cells will be put forth in the fight against cancers with the highest unmet medical need."

Both companies are experiencing rapid growth by providing cutting edge science and technical know-how to help create life changing human disease therapies.  This partnership looks to enable the creation and delivery of new NK cell therapies for cancer patients.