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Bachem recognised as a winner at the Swiss Biotech Success Stories Awards 2021

Bachem is pleased to announce that the company has been recognised as one of the five winners of the Swiss Biotech Success Stories Awards 2021. They have been recognised for the value that they have consistently achieved for the past 50 years — a success story based on quality, innovation, sustainability and technological leadership. The company has grown over 50% in the last five years —  operating with sites across the world — and now offer more than 5,500 different biologically active peptides, amino acid derivatives and oligonucleotides. 

The prestigious awards, bestowed by the Swiss Biotech Association, celebrate those who have made important and sustainable contributions to the biotech industry in Switzerland. Selected success stories such as Bachem are showcased to illustrate how Swiss biotech companies contribute to helping patients and improving health care worldwide. The award reflects Bachem’s passionate and unwavering support to their customers in discovering breakthrough medical advances that will significantly improve the life of patients.

It is important to celebrate these success stories and to show the world how vital biotechnology is for the future of humankind to survive and thrive. These life-changing innovations are a result of crucial scientific methods which need substantial financial and public support to keep moving forward.

Thomas Meier, CEO of Bachem AG, commented:

“I am happy that Bachem has won a Swiss Biotech Success Stories Award. Within fifty years, we have grown from a small company of two people to a leading provider for the world’s biopharmaceutical industry. This award is a testament to the team of talented and dedicated people that are the foundation of Bachem’s long-term success. I would like to thank the Swiss Biotech Association for this recognition.

We are proud of our strong Swiss heritage as we are of the strong global impact we can make for our customers and ultimately patients worldwide.

At Bachem, we take a long-term approach and continue to see broad-based growth, both in terms of products and geography. Despite the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to build new production capabilities and hire people across all our sites.”

Luca Bolliger, President of the Jury of Swiss Biotech Success Stories, commented:

“The tag for our initiative is Success Stories, but what we really mean is Value! Bachem is an entrepreneurial story that consistently created value for the last 50 years in Switzerland and abroad. Like with the current laureates and the one to come, it is important to celebrate valuable achievements within the life sciences ecosystem but it is also essential to share it with the public to educate, and the young generations as a palatable path forward for their future.”

Success categories

Bachem was chosen as a winner due to a number of success categories, including:

  • Completed achievement with lasting impact
  • Creation of jobs in Switzerland
  • Enabler for the biotech industry
  • Involvement of one or more Swiss citizens
  • Product approval and sustainable revenues
  • Swiss-based company / institution
  • Swissness: Think global, made in Switzerland

The company is honored to be recognized by the association and will attend the Swiss Biotech Day event on September 7 in Basel where the award will be collected personally.