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Kancera starts study in covid-19 patients

Kancera AB (Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market: KAN) announces that screening of covid-19 patients for the clinical phase II study of KAND567 starts today. The study, which is carried out in collaboration with Capio St. Göran's Hospital and Petter Brodin's research group at SciLifeLab, aims to study the effect of KAND567 on the immune system, lung function and rehabilitation. Results from the study will be analyzed and communicated on two occasions, the first after all patients have undergone sampling after day 7, and the second after day 90.

Kancera develops drugs that counteract damage in acute and chronic inflammation. The Fractalkine blocker KAND567 is primarily developed to effectively counteract hyper-inflammation in various disease states and thereby protect vital organs, e.g. in connection with heart attacks and severe viral infections. The Phase II study involving 40 covid-19 patients documents the effects of oral administration of KAND567 or placebo over seven days in combination with the best standard of care. A follow-up health check and sampling takes place after the end of treatment and after 90 days in order to follow the rehabilitation. During the study, strictly objective analyzes of treatment effect are performed, including measures of oxygen saturation and respiratory capacity. In addition, a detailed survey of immunological regulation is carried out at cell and gene level.