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Mitra Biotech Announces Partnership with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to Provide Clinically Relevant Translational Platform Supporting Development of Immuno-Oncology Portfolio

Mitra Biotech today announced a partnership with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals focused on advancing Glenmark's proprietary immuno-oncology drug pipeline utilizing Mitra's CANscriptTM platform.

CANscript is a human, immune-relevant ex vivo platform that allows drug developers to understand drug performance in human tissue, which in turn allows for an informed approach to clinical development and patient response. CANscript recreates the in vivo tumor microenvironment, maintaining the heterogeneity of the tumor while preserving its immune compartment. This uniquely positions the platform to provide drug developers with answers to mechanistic questions about their immuno-oncology drug candidates and prioritize the most promising candidates for advancement into clinical trials.

"Glenmark recognizes the value of Mitra's unique CANscript platform to support translational and clinical studies, especially in immuno-oncology and with newer modalities like bispecific antibodies," said Venkat Reddy, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Translational Sciences at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. "We are pleased to have access to proprietary technology from Mitra to assist us in accelerating understanding of the clinical relevance and potential utility of our T cell engagers (GBR1302 and GBR1342) in human biopsies. We are confident that this partnership will benefit our clinical programs."

The CANscript platform delivers powerful treatment response predictions with exceptionally high correlation to clinical outcomes for a more effective and efficient cancer drug development approach.  CANscript has been validated using thousands of cancer patient cases, with a published 90% overall correlation1 between the platform's treatment predictions and actual clinical outcomes.

 "We are very pleased that Glenmark has selected us as a trusted partner to advance their immuno-oncology pipeline," said Andrea Jackson, Vice President, Biopharma at Mitra. "CANscript is already enabling Glenmark improve their decision-making around their portfolio as they move these molecules into the clinic."