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Randox launch authentication app for Day 2 Lateral Flow tests for vaccinated international arrivals

  • Rapid test results and certification designed to simplify international arrival
  • Facial recognition and artificial intelligence features increase security and test result confidence

Randox, the UK’s largest diagnostics company, today announces that it is launching the Randox CertiFly App, a mobile application designed to securely process and certify results for both pre departure and Day 2 lateral flow tests - the latter a requirement for vaccinated international arrivals in the UK from 24th October.

The app, which applies ID verification technology, is designed to simplify foreign travel and facilitate the efficient transfer of secure and verified information through three simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Download the Randox CertiFly App and scan your passport to register
  • Step 2 – Collect your sample using a Randox CertiFly lateral flow testing kit
  • Step 3 – Scan your result using the app and receive certificate in app and by email

The app, which is solely for use with Randox Certifly lateral flow tests, is free to download.  The lateral flow tests, which are ordered from Randox and cost as little as £20,  are then used in combination with the app to capture the individual's ID and securely upload the test result.  The identity of users will be validated by scanning passports into the system, with future versions of the app featuring facial recognition software to further increase security.

Available in just 15 minutes, test results are processed using Randox CertiFly’s AI software, before being confirmed manually by a healthcare professional. As applicable, a Day 2 or fit-to-fly certificate will then be issued to the user and stored in the app for easy access. 

Each Randox CertiFly lateral flow testing kit has a unique single-use QR code that can be registered with the app. Testing kits, which can be purchased from the Randox Health website, include swab, extraction buffer tube, waste bag, tube holder, package insert and test cassette. The app is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Peter FitzGerald CBE, Managing Director at Randox, said:

“COVID-19 has severely impacted the way that we travel but, thankfully, testing technology has been able to help the world open up again. At Randox, we are proud to have been at the heart of UK testing and we are continuously looking at ways to make improvements for our customers. Randox has been helping millions of passengers travel safely since the onset of the pandemic by providing innovative testing solutions, like the Randox CertiFly app, that fulfil testing requirements for those who need to travel, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.”

Alex Rusak, Randox VP Business Development, said:

“With Day 2 lateral flow test results a requirement for vaccinated international arrivals in the UK from 24th October, we are pleased to launch our first lateral flow test certification app. The features of the app maximise security and allow the efficient flow of accurate and secure information to provide customers with a verified results certificate, without the need for time-consuming and costly video consultations. With the ability to process more than 100,000 certificates in 24h, the Randox CertiFly App rapidly provides validated test results, with the ultimate goal of making sure that travel is accessible, affordable, and importantly, safe.”

Fintan O’Rourke, Head Of Global partnerships at CertiFly, added:

“We are encouraged to see testing policy adapt to make international travelling easier and we believe that it’s crucial for technology to adapt alongside this to keep the country as safe as possible. Technology plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity of COVID-19 testing and that’s why CertiFly has developed an app with Randox to reduce the risks associated with fraudulent testing. We have built in the same verification technology that banks use to eliminate identity fraud and a two-step validation process for test results, with AI analysis followed by verification from a healthcare professional. As restrictions evolve, is it important to maintain rigorous testing standards in support of the UK’s fight against COVID-19,  and we are proud to be part of this.”

The Randox Certifly App is available to download for iOS and Android devices following purchase of a lateral flow test at