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Unique Meeting in London to Shift Focus From Treatment to Prevention of Disease

The program for the first assembly of the World Congress on Targeting Metabesity is now available at Metabesity refers to the major public health challenges—cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and the aging process itself—all of which share metabolic roots. These root metabolic disorders can be targeted to prevent—not just treat—these major diseases. This unique conference, featuring internationally-acclaimed experts and commentators, will be held 30-31 October 2017 in London.

The Congress, co-chaired by endocrinologist and therapeutic development expert G. Alexander Fleming, M.D., Stanford University professor and therapeutic discoverer Lawrence Steinman, M.D. and UK healthcare think tank 2020health CEO Julia Manning, serves as a call to practical action for scientists, entrepreneurs, industry, healthcare providers and payers and governments across the globe. The Congress will generate road maps for "moon shot" programs aimed at preventing major diseases and extending healthy lifespan.

"Scientific evidence has been accumulating over recent decades that major non-communicable diseases of aging, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disease and cancer, have common metabolic roots, and thus may be susceptible to common solutions," said Dr. Fleming.

The Congress will assemble world-renown scientists with their peers in policy, industry, government and other disciplines to map a way forward that will involve innovative, large-scale coordination between the public and private sectors, and will have other major medical, policy and ethical ramifications.