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Top Pharma and Life Science Events in February 2022

Top Pharma and Life Science Events in February 2022


Top Pharma and Life Science events taking place in February 2022, including events in Pharmacovigilance, Drug Discovery, Vaccine Development, Drug Development, RNA Therapeutics and more.
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Top Pharma and Life Science events taking place in February 2022:

Fierce Drug Safety Summit (February 8th-9th)

The Fierce Drug Safety Summit will allow large, medium, and small-sized pharma, biotechs and device companies to learn how to better perform their drug safety processes. Attendees will learn best practices and be better equipped to meet government regulations, ensuring the safety of their patients.

RNA Therapeutics 2022 (February 9th-10th)

The RNA therapeutics industry has grown at an exponential rate in recent years, with an increased spotlight following the industry’s leading role in developing vaccines against COVID-19 in response to the global pandemic. This year’s conference will reflect on how the industry has adapted and played a pivotal role in global health over the past year.

Genetic Vaccine Analytical Development Summit (February 15th-17th)

As vaccine developers strive to ensure that the entire vaccine development process is as efficient, precise and cost-effective as possible, the summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs to develop the right analytical methods to guarantee the quality, safety, and consistency of mRNA, DNA and viral vector-based vaccines.

2nd Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs Summit (February 15th-17th)

By bringing together the world’s leading Expanded Access Programs thinkers, this exclusive platform will clarify the complex issues through end-to-end Managed Access/Compassionate Use program operationalization. Through open discussion, sharing best-practice case studies, and removing hypotheticals, this event provides an unrivalled opportunity to solve your challenges.

3rd RAS/MAPK Pathway Targeted Drug Discovery Summit (February 22nd-24th)

This event will shine a spotlight onto pioneering discovery effort targeting the RAS/MAPK pathway, and benchmark the various innovative modalities being harnessed to target RAS mutations beyond G12C, giving you the opportunity to establish and accelerate your drug discovery platform by targeting the RAS/MAPK pathway at every turn.

Microbiome Movement – AgBioTech Summit 2022 (February 22nd-24th)

The summit is a dedicated forum for scientists, agronomists and entrepreneurs from across the Ag industry in order to harness the plant-soil microbiome to discover and translate the next generation of scientifically-driven AgBiologicals that will transform grower yield, sustainability and commercial outcomes.

2nd Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit (February 22nd-24th)

Incorporating insights from leading academics and pioneering biotech, this forum will focus on targeting mitochondrial dysfunction to develop therapies for chronic diseases caused by mitochondrial DNA mutation/nuclear DNA mutations, muscle dystrophy diseases/muscle loss, metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative disease and conditions linked to oxidative damage.

27th Pharmacovigilance 2022 (February 23rd-24th)

The agenda includes a host of new and exciting features focusing on how the industry should evolve, especially after the pandemic. Take a chance and make it count by attending our event to network with your peers, exchange expertise and experiences, and arm yourself with the latest information to take your department to the next level.


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