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Top Pharma and Life Science Events in May 2022

15 Pharma and Life Science events taking place in May 2022, including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical Research and Medical Devices events.

SMi’s 22nd Annual Pain Therapeutics Conference (May 10th-11th)

Join Europe’s leading Pain Therapeutics Virtual Conference to explore cutting edge drug discovery science and key clinical-stage pain therapies in the pipeline, bringing together leading pharmaceutical companies to discuss solutions for the challenges of clinical trial design.

Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2022 Conference (May 10th-11th)

This year’s conference brings with it even more interactive sessions, expert speakers, senior professionals and decision makers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries to explore the emergence of new digital technologies.

13th Annual Pharma Market Research Conference (May 10th-11th)

The best and largest industry assembly of market research executives in pharma, biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics for 10+ years. This event brings together the industry’s top thought leaders to create an environment of new ideas, relationships, and perspectives.

2nd Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit (May 10th-12th)

The only industry and academic dedicated summit focused on exciting innovations and emerging case studies to establish novel strategies of identifying and optimizing drug design, physiological properties and therapeutic applications of induced proximity-based drugs.

3rd Manufacturing, Engineering and Facility Management in Pharma Summit (May 10th-12th)

The industry’s first definitive discussion and networking forum designed to reunite leaders in the manufacturing and facilities fields in person after two years to share scientific breakthroughs and address challenges the industry is facing.

The Digital Health Advances Conference, London 2022 (May 12th)

21 industry leaders from Hospitals and Healthcare, Medical Devices, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals showcase forward-thinking strategies in digital health which best utilise data, fuel innovation compliantly, power patients and drive HCP engagement.

2nd Medical Device Software Development Summit 2022 (May 17th-19th)

The inaugural virtual Medical Device Software Development Summit will unite 80+ senior medical device software architects, cyber security and human factors experts to strategize the design, development and validation of software that is innovative, compliant and secure.

4th Treg Directed Therapies Summit (May 17th-19th)

The only industry-focused meeting designed to bridge the gap between early discovery through clinical development of cell-based and non-cell-based Treg directed therapies to provide efficacious treatments for patients globally.

Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs and Devices (EILAT XVI) (May 22nd-25th)

This year’s event will take place in Madrid, Spain and will provide an in-depth progress report on new antiepileptic drugs in various stages of development and will present new findings on second-generation treatments.

Scholars International Neuroscience and Brain Disorders Forum (May 23rd-24th)

The forum is an annual meeting of Neurosurgeons as well as Neurology committees to explore the future of the Neurosurgery and Neurological disorders in terms of collaboration, structures and organisational development and advances of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

ALS Drug Development Summit (May 24th-26th)

Uniting industry experts dedicated to accelerating effective therapeutic approaches, the summit is the definitive industry forum sharing cross-industry insight to rapidly advance life-changing ALS therapeutics.

4th Annual Cell Engager Therapeutics Summit 2022 (May 24th-26th)

The summit returns to bring you the latest on effectively targeting lymphocyte-restricted tumor-associated antigens to treat hematological malignancies, including CD19, CD20, BCMA, CD33, and CD123.

Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit (May 24th-26th)

With 20+ pioneering speakers from large pharma, innovative biotech, and KOLs of academia who are shaping the landscape of next-generation RNA therapeutics for the scientific community worldwide, join us in Boston to hear how they address the major challenges facing the industry.

iPharma Expo 2022, USA (May 26th-27th)

This expo will showcase the latest trends and technologies in pharmaceuticals, drugs and formulations and will bring together eminent personalities from various sectors of pharma, non-pharma and healthcare industries.

3rd Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development Europe (May 30th-1st June)

Gene Therapy Analytical Development Europe will unite innovative biotech and pharma organisations to develop robust analytical tools to guarantee the consistency, quality, and safety of gene therapy products.


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